ruby on rails, or django or else?

January 5, 2012 – 5:36 pm

I have a php video sharing site, i want to rewrite it, i have used phpmotion to make the demo, but phpmotion or any ready made script sucks in the real world applications. phpmotion is written using the TBS framework which also sucks!

so I’m re-writing my app using django, I came to ask you if django is a good idea for my site? or should i go for ruby on rails? I’m good with django not so good with ruby on rails, but i have all the the time in the world to learn it.

my cousin is a software engineer, he knows C# he keeps arguing that django does not scale. my main concern is the backend obviously. he says that django performance is not good when you have high traffic.

I see that pretty much all the new video content sites are using ruby on rails, so is ROR really better then django for video content site? and is none relational db better for that kind of sites?

Note: I’m not considering php at the moment because it lacks a good framework, and i don’t know and don’t like zend framework

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  1. 2 Responses to “ruby on rails, or django or else?”

  2. Django is a great framework. It’s as scalable as you write the code to be, just like RoR and other frameworks. Like another user commented, I think that RoR is a bit more common in the job market, so that’s nice, but Django is a great framework as well that can scale just as easily.

    One other thing you might note is that there are actually good PHP frameworks out there nowadays. I can understand how you might not like Zend (I personally think it’s just verbose), but Cake and especially Symfony are quickly becoming as good as RoR in my opinion (minus the fact that they are written in PHP, which I don’t like quite as much as Python or Ruby). Anyway, just wanted to point those frameworks out.

    By Austin on Jan 5, 2012

  3. if you want to find work then php owns the job market followed ruby and others , django i never ecen seen any job ads that require it :\

    By Romani on Jan 5, 2012

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