how to install blender , python and whatever that blender needs to be a full program?

January 25, 2011 – 2:18 pm

when i open blender on the black window it says that i don’t have python installed but i have already installed python and i also downloaded blender 2.48a tar and don’t know what to do please help.
i’m using windows where can i get a zip version

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  2. Go to the following link to download the version for your operating system ( To know your operating system, right click on My Computer and select Properties from the drop down menu. You will see your system in the box that comes up. )

    In this window, the MS windows versions are listed in the first (32 bit) and the second (64 bit) block of text.

    For 32 bit windows, there is an installer here:

    *** WARNING, clicking the next link will automatically download the software *** (Direct Download Link)

    For 64 bit, there is no installer only a Zip file.

    Here is the link for getting the Documentation offline (in PDF format):

    There, you will find these:

    Wiki Manual PDF (51MB), updated 2008.10.01
    Script Catalog PDF (6MB), updated 2008.10.02
    Reference PDF (6MB), updated 2008.10.02
    Release Logs PDF (4MB), updated 2008.10.02

    Hope this helps

    QD 1956

    By cyber_toltec_cat on Jan 25, 2011

  3. i’m guessing you’re on linux, as you downloaded a tar file, and the windows versions are .zip

    just search your distribution’s repository, it makes life much easier.

    By sikreto na lang... on Jan 25, 2011

  4. tar? I’m guessing you use Linux then? Most Linux distributions have package managers, it would probably be better to download Blender though your package manager if you have one since it will resolve dependencies and install automagically.

    If you still want to install from the tar archive:

    By zeplinepoponetris on Jan 25, 2011

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