I want to learn how to use html, php, and javascript?

July 2, 2011 – 10:14 am

I want to learn how to use html, JavaScript, and php. i don’t want to have to buy an expensive book so if there is a good one for 20 dollars or under, that would be great. the best option is it being free, like free courses over YouTube or etc. i really want a thorough learning experience.

p.s i already have Dreamweaver and all the necessary programs. i want to learn this to make web pages

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  1. 5 Responses to “I want to learn how to use html, php, and javascript?”

  2. there are tons of free online tutorials. Start with html obviously and I would also recommend learning CSS after html. Then move on to javascript, then php.

    html you will learn mostly layout
    CSS you will learn more layout and styling the layout
    AND be sure to learn HTML 5, not previous versions
    here is one link to get you started.

    By mjefferson96 on Jul 2, 2011

  3. http://w3schools.com/

    Its what my teacher used to teach us html
    not a bad site at all

    By Jon on Jul 2, 2011

  4. If you have Dreamweaver you don’t really need html because it automcatically codes it doesn’t it?
    I’m sure you can find a well enough tutorial if via google though :)

    By seasalticecream on Jul 2, 2011

  5. Download the program webpageinstaller and it is a guide through on how to make a web page and it will help you and it is free.
    Vote me best answer

    By Goon Bag on Jul 2, 2011

  6. html, php and javascript are necessary to make web pages. you can learn them in http://www.webmastertalkforums.com

    By Jahirul Islam on Jul 2, 2011

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