Perl vs. C++?

May 30, 2011 – 10:59 pm

Which is better, and why?
can you do everything in both?
which is more complex?
is there a perl compilier that you make your stuff in for it?
where can i get it?
how do i learn perl?
should i learn C++ instead?
where can I learn it?
I have bloodshed dev installed already.

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  1. One Response to “Perl vs. C++?”

  2. Each has their uses.

    Perl is a scripting language – best for breaking text into better units (parsing) – good for smaller projects under 10,000 lines of code. Also good for scripting repetitive tasks.

    I like perl. recent perl tasks included:
    1. Digging information out of a report and making a much smaller, terser report.
    2. querying routers via snmp for information and making a report.
    3. putting information into a MySQL or Postgresql database.

    C++ is an object oriented language – good for large projects .. and where object oriented thinking will help the project.

    Ubuntu linux…gets you both Perl and c++ and many other tools for free.
    See ‘the official ubuntu book’
    see is a good place for the perl under windows.

    c++ can be also obtained from vendors like Microsoft.

    You will learn to program faster with perl. I liked "learning perl" and "the perl cookbook" as a place to start.

    You might consider php as well.

    if you install a linux, you will get the tools installed faster. then you can concentrate on doing something.

    it also helps to have a project in mind when you want to learn something.

    By aiki on May 30, 2011

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