How do I download Linux on my Windows XP?

May 31, 2011 – 10:49 pm

I want to make my computer have Linux on it. (Not XP which I believe is outdated.) So any help would be nice. I’ve tryed downloading on two sites and it never worked.

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  1. 3 Responses to “How do I download Linux on my Windows XP?”

  2. In order to help we need to know what happened when you tried to download linux and it didn’t work? Did the download not work, or did the file that you downloaded not work?
    Which site?
    Have you read the instructions on that site on how to download and install linux?
    Good luck

    By jerry t on May 31, 2011

  3. I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 7 Main Edition which is built upon Ubuntu 9.04 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled

    Linux Mint 7 Download

    Linux Mint 7 User Guide

    The Perfect Desktop – Linux Mint 7 (Gloria)

    You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 7 then you need to create a Bootable LiveCD for installation

    Linux Mint 7 can also be run direct from the LiveCD from Booting up without touching your Hard Drive


    Linux Mint 6 ext3 with Compiz 0.7.8


    By Beryl 0.2.1/Ubuntu 9.04 on May 31, 2011

  4. Ubuntu is probably the most beginner-friendly free Linux distribution available, thanks to the Gnome desktop environment. Visit to download the .ISO image of the installation disc. You will need a tool capable of writing the .ISO to a disc, as this ability is not native to Windows XP. Optionally you can buy a CD from their website.

    The installation procedure is pretty nice, as you have the option of either replacing XP or configuring your system to dual-boot. You also have the option to load Ubuntu directly from the CD without making any changes to your system, allowing you to test it out before you commit to an installation.

    By P.I. Joe on May 31, 2011

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